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About Outreach – Urban & Rural

Educational Outreach

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Tamilnadu, approached the school for inputs to revamp the middle school curriculum and methodologies. The suggested Active Learning Methodologies (ALM), based on the practices at The School, have been contextualized and taken in 2007 to over 16,000 schools (more than 50,000 classrooms) in all the Tamil medium state schools.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Tamilnadu, have since then been working closely with the school for inputs to renew the material for the ABL primary classes, translation of this material into English, for extending the ALM processes into class 5 and also classes 9 and 10.  The reframing and the renewal of the ABL materials is complete and these have gone to over 37,000 primary schools run by the Tamilnadu Government.

The State Teacher Training Department (DTERT) had also approached the school for inputs to modify and vitalize the teacher education programme. The inputs have been well received and a rethinking is underway.

IN 2010 SSA has approached the school for inputs for the reframing of the ICDS programme.

Rural Outreach

Around the villages of Kilapakkam and Vallipuram, in 5 village schools a rural nutrition programme has been instituted providing a nutritious kanji to over 800 children. This program is funded through donations of parents and well wishers. This has been met with great enthusiasm by teachers, students and parents.

This approach offers a simple way of improving the nutrition of children in village and remote schools through a partnership between private agencies and Government schools. Any agency wishing to work with a school may approach us for details.

Training and Livelihood Generation

  • Training of village women in Millet cultivation and baking millet biscuits is being attempted int he village of Kilapakkam 2008.
  • Training of village women in tailoring has also been an ongoing effort at Kilapakkam from 2008.
  • Training of village youth in use of computers has been going on since 2009

Urban Outreach

As part of the urban outreach The School, in cooperation with the Theosophical Society, works for an understanding and appreciation of nature with a network of city schools. Children and teachers from over 30 schools have participated in these programs.

Workshops for teachers from over 20 schools have been conducted around the theme of ‘Affirming the Child’.