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About Pathashaala

Pathashaala is situated on a large campus, about  75 km from Chennai in an area between the villages of Vallipuram, Vazhuvathur, Elimichampet and Aanoor in the district of Kancheepuram. It aims to foster individual autonomy and encourages intelligent coexistence with nature.

Pathashaala drew on the thirty-six years of experience of The School KFI and commenced its first academic year in 2010-11 with a small group of middle school boys and girls.

In the tranquil atmosphere with distant hills and fresh breezes the staff and students learn an environmentally sustainable way of living. The campus is designed to use alternative energy – solar energy, windmills and biogas. It is sensitive to the use and pollution of water and be committed to ecological sanitation. The campus has only dry composting toilets for use by all residents. There is adequate vegetation with careful planted trees, herbs and grasses.

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