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The Palar Centre for Learning (PCFL- KFI)

Located in the villages of Elimichampet & Vallipuram about 75 Km from Chennai, The Palar Centre for Learning comprises Pathashaala a residential school, Outreach programmes and a Krishnamurti Study Centre.

Pathashaala was born of the unsought opportunity when a large piece of land, 70 km from Chennai, was offered for purchase to KFI. A slow trajectory was accepted as the developmental journey of this project since there was no compulsion to expand. More details are available at the link History of Pathashaala – The Vallipuram project of The School.

Incubating the Pathashaala campus and school was a very special effort of the staff of The School and both entities were under one administrative structure from 2001-12. Considering all factors, in May 2012, KFI defined the Pathashaala campus as an independent educational centre of KFI and The School as another.